Improving Volunteering Opportunities for People Over 60

Our Vintage Volunteers team have been working with Staffordshire University to find out more about the barriers for older people in Stoke-on-Trent when it comes to volunteering.

In early 2019 we recruited and trained some peer researchers to go out into the community armed with a list of questions to find out what gets in the way for local people who want to volunteer. They collected the views of people from a wide range of local groups and organisations and, with the help of Staffordshire Uni researchers, collated and analysed the information they had collected.

This researched has enabled us to form a clearer picture of the current landscape for volunteers in Stoke-on-Trent; what inspires and motivates people to volunteer, what prevents them from doing so and what organisations can do to make their opportunities more accessible and appealing.

We are pleased to announce that the report on these findings has now been finalised and is launching today on the Vintage Volunteers website.

VV report final.