Why Our Work Is Important

Throughout the project we supported many local individuals who were facing barriers to volunteering such as low confidence and self-esteem or practical barriers like transport and caring responsibilities.

We have always been passionate about tackling these barriers and supporting people into volunteering roles where they could meet new people and make new connections with their local community reducing the devastating impact of loneliness and isolation.

Many thanks to The Beth Johnson Foundation who provided external Evaluation of our project. We’re so proud that our “expertise” was recognised, the project was described as “responsive and pro-active” and the role it played in improving health and wellbeing and reducing social isolation and loneliness was highlighted.

“Of those consulted about the effectiveness and impact of the project, there was 100% positivity about Vintage Volunteers”.

To hear more about our work from local people we have supported why not knock on a few doors and hear from the residents of this local street.

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